Does having Asian hair make it difficult to style? Asian hair texture can be troublesome at times, but “ East Asian hair has twice the diameter and a much thicker cuticle than Caucasian hair. Most hair types have around five layers of cuticles while East Asian hair has closer to ten.” What that means is that Asian hair texture is: sturdy, thick and more resilient to hair coloring/stripping damage.

Although Asian hair texture can be difficult to work with, it’s not impossible to have flirty n full curls. Here are five hair techniques that you can try out!

  1. Velcro Roller Set: This is an old school method of giving your curls a nice body and bounce without the heat.
  2. Clippless Curling Iron: If you’re a newbie at using this type of curling iron make sure to wear a heat glove. This type of curling iron won’t tug or pull on your roots like ordinary ones. It also offers more control on how tight or loose you want your waves to be.
  3. Crimpers: All you have to do is run your crimper through each hair section, for more volume try to backcomb your hair.
  4.  Straightener: Start by separating your hair in sections  and running the straightener through a section. The heat helps to prep the hair so when you pull the iron down at a 180- degree angle the curl will be bouncy.
  5. Body wave perm: Beautician True says that depending on how large of a perm rod is used; the hair perm creates more permanent waves. These curls can last two to six months.

If you’re using a hot tool make sure to use a heat protective spray like Redken’s Hot Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist not only will it protect you hair but it will also help hold the curls.

Tweet us your hair pics @TrulyHairSalon with #THSFlirtyNFull, you could be featured on our next post.



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