Top Three Styling Products for Men

Have you checked out TVXQ! 7th album “TENSE”? Yunho’s current promos for his hairstyle is simple, slick and smooth. I love the retro look he’s been sporting. Here are a few styling products that can help you re-create his look or similar styles like: feathered waves, slick back straight or spunky spikes.

1) Wax: creates a stronger hold than pomade and will keep your spiked all day giving you a matte finish.   Wax works well on short to medium hair to help create edgy looks.

 2) Pomade: According to OUT the world’s leading LGBT fashion and lifestyle magazine,

“Most pomade products provide a combination of conditioning, styling, shining, and texture-enhancing ingredients. Pomade works best for short to medium length hair. Use for holding, shaping and defining your hairstyle. Pomade also allows you to have a natural look and adds texture.”

  • How to use it: Take a dime-size amount onto your fingers, then rub your fingers together to warm up the product and apply to your hair.
  • Pros: A little goes along ways and pomade creates great texture. You can apply this with wet hair for more shine or on dry hair for a matte finish.
  • Cons: If too much product is used your hair will look greasy and you might have to wash your hair to get the product out.
  • Checkout:  Baxter of California Hard Water Pomade, $20

3) Gel: Truly Hair Salon owner and stylist True Ly says,

“The most universal and popular styling product I use on my male clients is gel. You can’t go wrong with it because you can use a little or a lot and it’s foolproof. Plus it’s good on all hair textures thin, thick, normal and virgin (uncolored or untreated).”

  • How to use it: Squeeze a nickel/quarter-size amount of gel in one hand and rub the product into your damp hair. For better hairstyling results blow-dry in an upward motion using a paddle brush.
  • Pros: The holding power is in between a wax and pomade but with greater flexibility.
  • Cons: A large quantity of gel is needed for many looks and this gel needs to be re-purchased more often.
  • Checkout: John Amico Control Gel, only sold at selected salons

Have you tried any of the styling products above? If so what are your thoughts, good, bad or so-so.

Don’t forget to tweet us your looks @trulyhairsalon with #THSSPIKE.


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