5 Reasons Why You Need Hair Oil in Your Life

Do you have dry hair, split ends or uncontrollable frizz? If you have answered yes to one or all three questions then what are you waiting for go snag yourself a bottle of hair oil ASAP. Regardless of having fine, medium or thick hair I always recommend my clients to use hair oil into their daily hair routine.

Here are  five reasons why hair oil must be used in your hair routine:

  • Repairs moisture that was stripped from: shampoos, hair coloring and perms
  • Reduce split ends and tangles
  • Replenish moisture from heat damage such as: blow drying, curling and straightening
  • Restore shine and control frizz
  • Revive dull flat hair

I recommend these three hair oil: Morocanoil TreatmentCHI Silk Infusion or BioSilk Silk Therapy.

Morocanoil Treatment $35.99

Pros: Helps hydrates hair and creates perfect shine while using styling tools and has a lovely scent.

Cons: The original might be too heavy for some users, so I often recommend my clients to use the light version.

CHI Silk Infusion $25.00

Pros: Contains pure natural silk, soy proteins and wheat. Protects hair from heat damage and gives high shine.

Cons: There’s a distinct scent that will carry throughout the whole day when using this product. Sometimes it can feel heavy or look greasy, a dime-size amount should be good enough to massage into scalp and ends of hair.

BioSilk Silk Therapy $18.37

Pros: Creates high shine, controls frizz and repairs spilt ends.

Cons: If you use too much product your hair looks greasy, a little product goes a long way. I recommend using a dime size amount. In addition, you have to remember to shake the bottle for before every use.

What’s your experience with hair oils? Good, bad or never tried it before. Tweet your thoughts @Trulyhairsalon  with the #THSShinyLocks


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