Fine, Medium or Thick Hair Texture

What hair type do you have?  Fine, medium or thick.  I’m always giving recommendations to my clients as to what hair styles would work best to frame their face. However, before that I like to identify my client’s hair texture, so that I can give product and styling recommendations later on during their appointment.

What does “hair texture” mean?  As a whole, it’s all about the thickness of each single hair strand . If the length of your hair is medium to long hair, you can determine what hair texture you have by putting your hair into a ponytail.  If you can wrap a hairband around your hair five times or more you have fine hair. If you can wrap the hairband around your hair twice then you have thick hair texture and anything in between that is considered medium hair texture.

Hair texture also also correlates with hair density and according to The Hair Styler,  

Your hair’s density is the amount of hair on your head, per square inch. Generally, fine hair is more dense, while thick hair is less dense (except in African American hair). Typically, there is no real impact on the hairstyles you can choose. But, in some instances, fine hair can be less dense and thick hair can be more dense- and when these are the cases it can affect the kinds of hairstyles you choose.

Check out the hair texture attributes and product recommendations:

Fine Hair Texture: It’s the most fragile hair texture according to Curly Nikki and lacks body and volume. If you have fine hair that means you often have difficulties of your hairstyle not holding and sometimes styling products will weigh your hair down. Try using Shu Uemura Art of Hair Muroto Volume Pure Lightness Conditioner, $58. This cream is light and all you need is a dime-size amount to create the perfect look. 

Medium Hair Texture: Hold hairstyles very well and easy to maintain with various styling. This hair texture isn’t as delicate as fine hair and not as prone to hair breakage as well. Try using Bumble and Bumble Thickening hairspray, $28. It creates a moderate hold without leaving the hair feeling stiff.

Thick Hair Texture: This hair texture is strong and isn’t prone to hair breakage. Sometimes can be difficult to work with because it’s “too thick”; however, it’s more resilient to chemical/heat damage such as: coloring, perms and heat tools.

According to Curly Nikki,

This hair texture is strong because structurally it contains all three hair layers – the cortex, cuticle and medulla. The medulla, the innermost layer of the hair shaft is pretty much a series of empty spaces.  It’s an area filled mostly with air and protein. 

Did the ponytail texture trick work for you? Yes, no or kinda. Tweet us you’re results @TrulyHairSalon #THSTexture





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